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Business Brokers since 1996.

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Established in 1996, LINK is the most trusted business brokerage in the world, with a strong local presence in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the Philippines.

With an international network of more than 300 LINK business brokers, we have successfully sold more than $5 billion worth of businesses
LINK’s team of industry specialists are committed to helping businesses maximise their value and facilitate a smooth transition period.

Our growing reputation for the highest level of customer service is built on integrity, honesty, uncompromising quality and a passion for connecting sellers with the right buyers. Our team is dedicated to helping every owner maximise the value of their business and enjoy a streamlined sale and transition period.

Why LINK? Global Reach, Local Brokers

At any one time we have more than $2 billion of businesses listed on our global websites. Our business databases represent up-to-the-minute company data, with 250,000 people actively looking for a new business. If you’re selling, this means we can attract hundreds of warm leads, based on their interest in businesses like yours.

Anyone looking to buy a business in Australia, New Zealand, the USA or the Philippines will quickly find LINK, and let our powerful search engine find your business.

Whether you are wanting to sell now, or in 10 years’ time, you need an exit/succession plan to ensure you achieve the return you deserve when it comes time to sell.

Our 9 steps to ensure a successful sale

We have been helping owners sell their businesses since 1996, so a wealth of experience has contributed to refining our 9 steps to selling.

Our LINK 9 Steps to selling will walk you through each of the nine steps, with tips and insights to help you manage the entire process, safeguard your information, and get the best price when it comes time to sell.

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